1. Website Wireframe: Are You Doing It Right?

    A website wireframe is a grayscale structural version of the future website, also known as the backbone of a website, that plays the role of a guideline for creating the actual website design.

    Although the debate of whether a website project needs a wireframe doesn’t have a clear conclusion yet, the benefits of having a website wireframe certainly outnumber the drawbacks.

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  2. Revolutionize the Way You Work with These 15 Collaboration Tools

    In today’s world of digitization and globalization, companies cross international borders more than ever to reach international clients or even hire remote specialists. But crossing borders means the businesses need to acquire new methods of collaborating with their distant teams and clients. This is where collaboration tools come.

    Collaboration tools offer solutions to different problems distant teams experience but mainly, they help businesses keep the pace up and maintain effective communication and processes. Some collaboration tools out there offer complex solutions with advanced features and options, while other are specialized in solving a specific problem.

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  3. 10 Pros and Cons of Online Communication for Businesses

    The globalization processes have made online communication a medium via which business can thrive worldwide. Besides having certain disadvantages such as requiring an internet connection by all means or not being fully able to grasp the expression of the person you are communicating with, online communication has several really strong advantages which businesses can benefit from. With the infinite possibilities offered by today’s collaboration tools, online communication has become an asset that each business can fully leverage. Here is how.

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  4. 7 Tip for Managing Remote Employees Effectively

    Managing remote employees is different from managing an in-house team but not necessarily more difficult. Companies hire remote workers for various purposes, and while this business model was only an imagination a few decades ago, these days more and more companies have been expanding their teams beyond international borders and drawing benefits from this form of business relations. However, great benefits come with great responsibilities to learn how to manage, monitor, and yield results from working with remote workers.

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  5. Effective communication with clients: 10 Golden Rules to Follow

    Effective communication with clients is a must-have skill that businesses need in order to grow and yield results. True, everyone can learn how to behave and express themselves among others but effective communication with clients is an entirely different matter. It is a journey and not a destination. Every client is unique, so all professionals who communicate with clients, be it business managers, marketers, technical teams, help centers, freelancers from all creative fields, etc. need to re-master this skill on regular basis.

    Luckily, there are 10 rules which are the pillars of effective communication with clients. These 10 rules will help you improve the quality of your communication skills and as a result, help your business grow. Let’s start!

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