Tips and Tricks on How to Work with Clients

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  1. Client testimonials – how to use them to boost conversions

    Client testimonials are proved to be incredibly important in boosting conversions from your website. Look at our tips and advice for the best ways of using testimonials to improve your conversion rates.
  2. How to ask a client for a testimonial

    You need to ask your clients for the all important testimonials, but it’s not as easy it sounds to get the results you want. Using the best techniques and tips for persuading the client to give you a great testimonial, will help.
  3. To discount or not to discount? That’s not even a question

    You need a pricing strategy to be competitive but still turn in a profit. Discount pricing isn’t always the best answer so we talk you through the pros and cons of discount pricing, to help your decision.
  4. How to tell a client “this is out of scope”, nicely

    When scope creep starts you need to do something about it, and quick. The sooner you communicate it’s “out of scope” to the client the better. By being professional, calm and polite you can still have a win/win outcome.
  5. 10 free Kanban project management tools you can use today

    If you want to use Kanban or even if you are using it already then this selection of 10 superb free Kanban project management tools are just for you. Everything is fully explained in our highly useful article that will have you up and managing in no time.
  6. What is Kanban project management exactly?

    What exactly is Kanban, and why is everybody using it? Good question. What you need is to read our brief guide that will give you all you need to know.

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  1. How not to get very angry by client’s feedback

    As a creative professional you should react to client's feedback in a more neutral and friendly way. It sounds simple, but it's not easy, so here is our advice on how to stay calm, be more productive and get projects done (with a smile).
  2. The 5 project management methodologies every manager must know

    Project management needs a process and a method to be successful and for you to be in control. Here we discuss the 5 big project management methodologies around today and look at their advantages and disadvantages so you can be confident in your choice going forward.
  3. How using a client area can make your life easier

    We are big fans of client areas for your business website, and we aren’t the only ones. Here are the reasons why you need a specific client area and how it can make your life so much easier.