How Using a Client Area Can Make Your Life Easier

A client area is a password protected section of your website which allows users to manage their data in one centralized place, and allows you to keep your communication organized. You must have seen many agencies that use such kind of security area for their clients but should your agency use it, too?

Client areas exist for a number of reasons and they make your life easier, indeed. Today we’ll talk about why it is important to have a client area when working with clients and how your agency will benefit from having such a dedicated space.

The client area centralizes your communication with clients.

The client area is usually integrated with a ticket system which keeps all your communication with clients centralized in one place. Keeping your conversations organized like this is way more convenient than tracking communication with a single client through various channels – emails, messages in social media, skype, etc. The picture gets even worse if you have to dig out files and documentation. Were they sent via email? Were they uploaded in a Cloud? Having a client area eliminates these problems and saves you tons of time when you want to go through conversation history.

The client area reduces the risk of losing info and docs.

In harmony with the previous benefit, having a client area helps you keep track of everything going on with a client. It makes it easy for you and for your client to look up something in the communication history without getting lost in different channels. Some client areas even have an internal search engine which allows you to find a particular conversation easily without wasting valuable time.

The client area helps you optimize payment processes.

Payment systems are usually integrated with client areas which makes it easy for your clients to pay their dues without leaving the website. For your users’ convenience your client area should provide a history log with all payments and invoices which can be easily downloaded if necessary.

The client area allows you to collaborate more effectively.

The client area is a secured place in which your team can collaborate with your clients’ teams on different projects and keep everyone updated on what is happening. While some client area systems provide one-to-one conversations, others allow more users to be added to the conversation – also known as many-to-many communication. The latter is the way in which seamless collaboration is achieved without the need to forward emails or copy messages to different people.

The client area is a great tool to manage SMEs

Having a client area allows you to manage your small or medium agency effectively. Since the client area lets you collaborate with your team and client in one centralized place, you can keep track of all orders, progresses, payments, deliverables, issues, and business processes happening in your agency. If you use its potential to the fullest, the client area can become a great functional tool which helps your business function properly.

The client areа provides a better user experience.

The client area is the clients’ personal space in your website. As such, the client areas often provide users with specific settings and personalizations that can improve their experience with your website. Ultimately, this helps improve your client experience with your whole brand. Needless to say, you need to make sure your client are has a responsive design, so users can use it easily from their mobile devices.

The client area strengthens the client-brand relationship.

Having a client area encourages users to visit your website often and interact with your brand. Unconsciously, the more a person sees of a brand, the more attached they become to the particular brand. Therefore, the client area helps boost the engagement of your clients with your brand and strengthens the client-brand relationship.

The client area keeps the traffic to your website high.

The client area makes clients return to your website over and over again in order to communicate and collaborate on projects. As a result, the traffic to your website increases, and high quality traffic is crucial for the success of your business. As you know, a higher traffic leads to higher revenue.

To sum up,

Having a client area brings many benefits along. If you leverage the advantages of a client area, you will be able to provide a great user experience and grow your business.


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