10 Pros and Cons of Online Communication for Businesses

The globalization processes have made online communication a medium via which business can thrive worldwide. Besides having certain disadvantages such as requiring an internet connection by all means or not being fully able to grasp the expression of the person you are communicating with, online communication has several really strong advantages which businesses can benefit from. With the infinite possibilities offered by today’s collaboration tools, online communication has become an asset that each business can fully leverage. Here is how.


24/7 Availability

With today’s globalization of the internet and growing availability – literally running on almost any device and any location, online communication has become an available and easily accessible medium for communication whether you want to get in touch with a co-worker sitting in the room next door, or a client who is miles away from you and living in a different time zone. Online communication has made it possible for people all over the world to break physical boundaries and communicate freely with each other. Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest advantages of online communication in the 21st century.

Access from any device

Online communication is accessible anywhere at any time thanks to the advancements of the mobile devices. These days, getting in touch with a client or a partner via email or your ticket system can easily happen while you are on the go, without wasting extra time. The opportunity of being able to respond from anywhere by using the device that fits in your pocket is precious for the world of business. For sure, this advantage is still unbeatable by physical communication.

Cost effectiveness

Arranging an online video conference or simply exchanging messages in written form is a way more cost-effective means of communication that arranging a physical meeting. Even if you are using costly online communication tools, investing in such digital helpers will allow you to save time by being able to get in touch with your team and clients almost anywhere at any time. And as we know in the world of business, saving time means saving money.

Organized communication

Using online communication allows you to keep record of your conversations and documentize all important discussions. So, when we talk about business, it is essential that you have all your communication with partners and clients written black on white. Alternatively, if you are using video conferences, there are tool features that will record your meeting and keep it safe for you to re-watch later if needed.

Improves the communication’s quality

The online communication in a written form, whether email messaging, client area ticket systems, messages across social media channels, or even live chats, give you time to think. You don’t have to answer a message until you’ve thought about the issue and considered your options. Of course, for the different channels of written online communication the time lag for response is different. While a live chat gives you time for considering of several minutes, you can postpone an email response up to 24 hours. The point is, a written online communication is a prerequisite for more quality communication by providing you with time to think.

It helps you arrange your priorities

Online communication allows you to arrange your priorities and choose who to write first, whether to write a short reply or a long answer, when to reply, etc. Because all of it is documented, you can briefly go through all your emails to see which are the important ones and go back to the others later.




The problems related to online communication are getting fewer and fewer with the technology evolving every day. However, here are some of the disadvantages the modern users in the business world can experience when relying on online communication.

Internet access issues

Limited internet access, low-quality internet connection, a crash in the internet connection… all of these issues are still current in 2018 and can happen to everyone at any time, even if you are in the middle of an important video call. Luckily, internet provides try their best to fix these problems as soon as they emerge and provide high-speed stable internet connection 24/7.

Lack of facial contact

In written form, the online communication lacks the facial contact and grasping the expressions which sometimes can be crucial for understanding a message. Luckily, the technology has a solution for this problem – video conferencing. These days, there are plenty of collaboration tools that will help you initiate high-quality video calls if you feel like you need to talk to the person face-to-face.


Communication put in written form is certainly more time-consuming than verbally expressing what you have to say to your partner or client. However, more time gives you the opportunity to think more which is really an advantage, as stated earlier. Alternatively, a video call can save you time but still requires concentration and certain preparation of finding an appropriate quiet place with high-speed internet.

Response Delay

A disadvantage of online communication may be the time you wait for someone to answer. Unlike verbal communication where you receive answers right away, in written means the answer to an email may come days later, or even never, e.g. to cold emails. However, when both parties are interested in the conversation, the response delay is usually insignificant and doesn’t bother the communication quality.

To sum up,

Online communication for businesses is a valuable asset that offers more benefits than drawbacks. Every modern business these days should leverage the power and possibilities provided by online communication in order to grow and thrive.

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