Revolutionize the Way You Work with These 15 Collaboration Tools

In today’s world of digitization and globalization, companies cross international borders more than ever to reach international clients or even hire remote specialists. But crossing borders means the businesses need to acquire new methods of collaborating with their distant teams and clients. This is where collaboration tools come.

Collaboration tools offer solutions to different problems distant teams experience but mainly, they help businesses keep the pace up and maintain effective communication and processes. Some collaboration tools out there offer complex solutions with advanced features and options, while other are specialized in solving a specific problem.

In this post, we’ve gathered 15 very effective communication tools that will revolutionize the way you work. We’ve selected tools for communication and video conference, task and project management tools, collaboration tools for designers, and tools focused on brainstorming. Let’s start!

Tools for Communication


“The best alternative to Slack”

Pricing: Free – $3 per month/user

Storage: 5GB – 20GB per user

Flock is an advanced online communication tool that is simple and intuitive to use. Besides being a great place to keep the communication going, Flock will also help you manage your team. You can create to-do lists and polls, share notes and docs, assign tasks, conduct video calls with up to 4 people, use the app offline, and enjoy many more features. The developers of the app have compared all its functions with Slack over here.

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“Where work happens”

Pricing: Free – $12.50 per month/user

Storage: 5GB – 20GB per user

A widely used tool for business communication that connects team members from across the globe. Besides its well-known features such as public channels, private channels, direct messages, you can also make calls, share your screen, search history, and integrate over 1000 useful apps with Slack such as Google Drive, Zoom, Jira Cloud, inVision, etc.

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“The complete team communication solution”

Pricing: Free – $3 per month/user

Storage: 5GB – Unlimited

A simple and super easy-to-use tool for communication that runs on all famous desktop and mobile OS’s. Stride lets you conduct all your team communication in one place. The free version offers a bigger message history (25k) compared to its rivals (10k). You have rooms for group chats, direct messages, file sharing with unlimited storage, calls, screen sharing and video conference with unlimited teammates.

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Tools for Video Conference

“Stay productive with effortless video collaboration”

Pricing: Free – $9.99 per month

Capacity: Up to 12 people simultaneously

An online video conference app providing you with high quality video calls with up to 4 people for the free version, and up to 12 people for the pro version. Nor registration, or downloads required! The app also offers screen sharing and integration with some famous tools such as Slack, Trello, and YouTube.

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“Video conferencing and collaboration solutions made easy”

Pricing: $19 – $49 per month

Capacity: Up to 100 people simultaneously

GoToMeeting is an advanced business video conference tool that lets you conduct HD video calls with up to 100 team members simultaneously. With such a huge capacity, GoToMeeting offers additional features such as screen sharing, drawing tools that let you take notes and draw right on the screen, video recording that allows you to watch the meeting later, and more.

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“#1 Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service”

Pricing: Free – $19.99 per month

Capacity: Up to 200 people simultaneously (with the option for even more)

Zoom is a handy tool for video conference suitable for 1:1 meetings to enterprise-wide meetings with 500 participants and 10000 viewers. This app provides you with HD video and audio for your conference calls and webinars, video recording, scheduling meetings, desktop and application sharing, and many more features described for each plan.

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Task & Project Management Tools


“Move work forward”

Pricing: Free – $9.99 per month/user

Asana is a handy tool that offers you an intuitive way to track multiple projects from start to finish. You can easily assign tasks to team members and monitor progress. The app comes with a timeline for projects, a calendar, a dashboard and more useful features that help you easily plan all your projects from the very beginning till completion.

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Combines the functions of Slack + Asana, Dropbox & Gsuite

Pricing: $99 per month all inclusive

A project management tool with a board-based interface that is super easy to use, and offers a complex solution, as it combines the functions of Slack + Asana, Dropbox & Gsuite. BaseCamp provides you with separate boards for each project. Within each project board you have a board for messages and communication, a board with todos where you can assign tasks and track progress, a schedule board, a docs-and-files board with 500GB storage, a board for chat, and more.

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“Everything you need to work smarter”

Pricing: Free – 18 per month/user

Wimi is an advanced tool for project management. The app combines the features of different apps, as it provides you with systems for messaging, file sharing, task management, calendars, video calling, and more even for the free version. You have from 10GB to 50TB cloud space available for all your files and docs and an automatic sync with your OS, so you can access your docs even if you are offline.

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“Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.”

Pricing: Free – $20.83 per month/user

Trello is a widely used tool for project management and collaboration. With its easy-to-use board interface and feature-rish free version Trello is a preferred tool by many. You can easily create project boards, add team members, assign tasks to different people, attach files and follow up. Trello also supports integration with different handy apps.

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Collaboration Tools for Designers


The digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences

Pricing: Free – $99

inVision is a powerful tool for designers that helps them communicate their design ideas better by making the design interactable like a live website. This helps the whole team envision the end product before any code is written. The app allows you to add transitions, animations and get feedback right on the design.

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Stay in one tool for your design, prototyping and communication

Pricing: Free – $12 per editor

Figma is a collaboration tool for designers that lets multiple editors work and collaborate on the same design. The app can be used right from your browser or downloaded to your OS. Figma supports all the essential features for a design app, along with tools for prototyping and communication.

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Brainstorming Collaboration Tools



“Think and collaborate visually. Anywhere. Anytime.”

Pricing: $12 per month/per user

Capacity: up to 50 people

A collaborative real-time life board that allows you to draw on the screen, take notes, make comments on a shared board with your team. Every member’s screen gets updated in real time, so brainstorming becomes possible and effective even if you are located in different parts of the world. The app adds new handy features on regular basis which you can check out here.

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“Simple whiteboarding platform for cross-functional teams collaboration”

Pricing: Free – $800 per month/per team

Capacity: up to 100 people

A digital whiteboard tool that lets all your team brainstorm on the same project simultaneously. The whiteboard feature comes with useful tools that will help you express your ideas for everyone to see in real time. Besides tools for brainstorming, you also get other goodies such as video calling, screen sharing, high-resolution export, integration with other apps like Slack, Jira and more.

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Visualize your thoughts.

Pricing: Free – $12.49 per month/per user

Capacity: multiple team members

A handy online mind-mapping tool that helps you work better on your personal projects, as well as on business projects which require team collaboration. MindMeister runs on all desktop and mobile OS’s and changes are seen by the rest of the team in real time. You can assign tasks, export board to a project management tool, attach docs, take notes and many more features for business purposes which you can check out here.

To sum up,

The collaboration tools these days are striving to offer more complex and effective solutions to the problems modern teams across the globe experience. We hope we’ve been helpful with our selection of 15 collaboration tools and we certainly hope with these tools you will be able to revolutionize the way you work.

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