1. Tips for Successful Intercultural Business Communication

    Intercultural business communication these days requires skills which everyone involved in the business world should learn. With the rapid world’s globalization processes, knowing how to behave with your clients, partners, and even team member from other countries is essential. No matter how professional and acceptable your behaviour may be considered in your own country, the culture you were raised in is probably completely different from the culture your partners are coming from.

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  2. Communication gap at workplace: Causes & Solutions

    Communication is the heartbeat of an organization. A communication which is ineffective or even absent within an organization can cause a communication gap at the workplace.

    By definition, a communication gap at workplace is the misinterpretation of information or the complete lack of communication within the company. Such a phenomenon can occur between employers and employees or between employees of different ranks. Let’s see which could be the reasons that cause communication gap between employees, and which – between employers and employees, and how the management can address these issues.

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  3. How Using a Client Area Can Make Your Life Easier

    A client area is a password protected section of your website which allows users to manage their data in one centralized place, and allows you to keep your communication organized. You must have seen many agencies that use such kind of security area for their clients but should your agency use it, too?

    Client areas exist for a number of reasons and they make your life easier, indeed. Today we’ll talk about why it is important to have a client area when working with clients and how your agency will benefit from having such a dedicated space.

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